"The Supercapacitor Management System improves performance, safety, and extends battery life"

Amaia Saenz de Buruaga Project Manager from BCARE offers insights into their pivotal role within the MUSIC project, particularly in the development of Smart LIC and SIC modules equipped with an advanced Supercapacitor Management System (SMS).

08 May 2024

Collaborating with pioneering entities like BCARE MB, the MUSIC Project pushes boundaries in the realm of energy storage, addressing pressing environmental concerns while driving technological advancements. In a recent interview, Amaia Saenz de Buruaga from BCARE offered insights into their pivotal role within the project, particularly in the development of Smart LIC and SIC modules equipped with an advanced Supercapacitor Management System (SMS). Let´s delve into the discussion to uncover the significance of BCARE´s contributions and their potential impact.

What is the role of a supercapacitor management system?

Supercapacitors have high power density, long cycle life, wide operating temperature range and high efficiency. 

In general, when higher voltages, energies and powers are desired, several cells are placed in series and/or parallel until the desired values are reached. A battery working outside its operating voltage ranges, above the maximum admissible charge/discharge current values as well as operating beyond the temperature limits, suffers from accelerated degradation as well as increases the risk of collapse.

The Supercapacitor Management System (SMS) can mitigate these problems by monitoring battery parameters in real time and protecting the battery under different operating conditions, thus, improving performance and safety, extending its life expectancy.

Which are the characteristics of MUSIC i-SMS?

Within MUSIC project, BCARE will develop smart LIC and SIC modules with the integration of sensors and an innovative SMS.

In particular, and in order to go beyond the state-of-the-art, the measurement and data acquisition tools will be designed via cell-by-cell sensing. The sensors will measure voltage, temperature, current and impedance in a wide range of frequencies. Furthermore, i-SMS will include State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH) and State of Power (SOP) algorithms based on experimental data analysis from electrochemical testing. 

Thus, the MUSIC i-SMS will include cell sensing collection system, cell balancing, diagnosis algorithms and control and protection system.


Amaia Saenz de Buruaga´s insights illuminate the path forward within the MUSIC Project, highlighting BCARE´s commitment to innovation and sustainability in energy storage solutions. Through the integration of an advanced Supercapacitor Management System (SMS), BCARE aims not only to enhance performance and safety but also to extend the lifespan of energy storage systems. As we forge ahead, guided by BCARE´s leadership and expertise, we move closer to a future powered by efficient, sustainable energy solutions. Stay tuned as we continue to progress towards a greener, more resilient energy landscape.

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